Beginner 10 Minute Lower Body + Abs Workout #1



We’re continuing our beginner series by working that lower body and abs! If you’re new to working out or just want to correct form, this 10 minute leg, booty and ab workout is perfect for you.

30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest


1) Squat
2) Sumo Squat
3) 2 Squat Pulses
4) Modified Bicycle

5) Left Lunge
6) Right Lunge
7) 2 L and R Pulse + Switch
8) Forearm Plank

9) Tabletop Straight Leg Raises (L)
10) Tabletop Straight Leg Raises (R)
11) Bridge Pulses
12) Side Plank (L)

13) Side Plank (R)
14) Standing Bicycle Crunches


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