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In this video:
We are working on getting Summer Toned Legs today! We are doing the best workout today to tone our legs! We are using a TOWEL!! If you don’t have a hard wood or hard floor surface then grab some paper plates. You can do these same things with plates on carpeting!

Fold the towel in 1/2 and and plant your base leg. Take it to a reverse lunge. Sliding it back and in.You will really feel this on the base leg here. You can get down really low with the towel gliding you. Switch it over and repeat on the other side. You CAN add weights, but, using your own body weight here is challenging enough.

Moving over to OUTER THIGHS. Take it to the SIDE and back in.

Going down next for RUNNER LUNGE. Squat down on base leg, weight is forward. With the other active leg, take the towel out and in. You will really feel this on that base leg quad.

This is burning! It should feel very challenging.

Last exercise… take it down to your BACK, place the towel under one foot. Take the towel OUT and IN! You can put this under your heel or toe but you will feel it most under your hamstring.

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