Best Lower Back Exercises (SEXY AND STREAMLINED!!)



The best lower back exercises can be found in our 90 day fitness system

This workout contains the best lower back exercises for women. They will help you to strengthen the lower back, this very important part of the core, to help avoid injury. Doing low back exercises to tighten up the lower back also helps make your waist appear smaller. While you can’t spot reduce to get rid of lower back fat, these low back exercises will help you tone and tighten that area. All of the best exercises to tone and tighten the entire body can be found in our 90 day program here

Below are the best lower back exercises that you’ll find in this workout. Do each of these lower back exercises for women for 8-12 reps. Repeat the entire lower back workout 2-3 times through.
Here are the low back exercises in this routine:

1) Standing Superman
2) Hydraulic With Leg Hold
3) Frog Kickouts

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