Leg workout with dumbbells and kettlebells ! Program beautiful feet



Team Vfitnesse.ru presents to your attention video of an exercise program for abs and chest, legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, motivational videos for fitness – bodybuilding! Workout for time on 5,8,10,15 min for home and gym, many exercises can be performed outdoors.

Training programs are designed from the point of view of the load, for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts who already have experience of training and knows how to do the exercises! Anyone knows how to do just training videos will help You to understand the technique of exercise as new for You and is already known.

We shot a video of the workout, as an example Your workouts as You can do! It is important to understand that any fitness training must be made individually, as with any fitness program is made individually based on your goals and objectives that You set for yourself to achieve the result! A fitness trainer can help You!

About the video training program in every training program We tried to take into account the complexity of the exercises: for example what would be to first do the basic exercises then isolated and other training details.

About the equipment – in this video training We have tried to use not only exercise at the gym, and use your own weight and additional equipment bosu, bodybar, medbay crosscore.

With the help of our program You will be able to pump up myself press, chest, legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and lose weight, remove excess weight, strengthen your muscles and maintain your fitness and health!

Our programs are available both on the website, also on our channel VFITNESSE all that We are doing everything absolutely FREE!

Vfitnesse.ru – science popularisation project in the field of sports, for those who want to be in shape !This project – http://vfitnesse.ru/
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