4-Week to Strong, Lean, Sexy LEGS & ABS



♥ This is my “4-Week Let’s Get Lean Together” workout series. Do this video for a stronger, leaner and sexier legs, thighs, bum & abs!
♥ Only 10 Mins. 5 very effective exercises. No Equipment. Suitable for Advance & Beginners.
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Duration: Under 10 minutes
Circuit: 5 Intervals per circuit. Repeat 2 – 4 circuits. Rest 1 min in between circuits.
Interval: 30 secs Workout, 15 secs Rest
Estimated Calories Burned: 100 – 130Cals (based on 2 circuits)

1) Curtsy Lunge & Lean
2) Lunge Knee Hop
3) Plank Squat
4) Cross Squat
5) Chair Twist

For best result, perform this workout 2 – 3 times weekly on alternate days and combine it with my other “4-Week Let’s Get Lean Together” workout series. Lots of Love xx

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Lots of Love xx

4-Week to Strong, Lean, Sexy LEGS & ABS

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