Ultimate Hot Body Workout (GET LEAN & STRONG!!)



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This ultimate hot body workout will give you some of the best sexy body exercises available for a total body workout you can do with no equipment! Doing this type of workout will give you a hot body year round because it helps you to both build muscle and burn fat.

You will do each of the hot body exercises for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. First you’ll do all the full body exercises in Part 1. You’ll repeat part 1 of this ultimate total body workout 3 times for a total of 12 minutes. Then you’ll move on to Part 2 of this sexy body workout and do the same. Do all of the exercises in the ultimate workout once through, and repeat part 2 three times for another 12 minutes. The total time for this hot body workout is 24 minutes PLUS the bonus at the end, which should take you to about 25 minutes.

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The hot body exercises in this workout are as follows:

Part 1

1) 80 degree Ninja Jump Tuck
2) Pendulum
3) Rollback Jump Tuck
4) Plank Walk with Two Kick Outs

Part 2

1) High Knees
2) Jump Squat with Side Kick Out
3) 3D Pushups
4) Switch Mountain Climbers with Superman Power Up

BONUS 50 Burpees

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